Friday, August 15, 2008

Back to School!!!

Yeeeee-hah! (Sorry, dear daughter!)

So we have a "no sales tax" weekend here in Texas. Meaning the stores will be crammed. But the stalwart among us shall field the crowds and buy the shoes and shirts and jeans and everything else our budding 13-year-old daughters think they need to start the new school year, and keep the 8.25% tax in the bank.

Poor dear, she is NOT ready. Summer isn't long enough ... for them. It's about long enough for Mom. Mom can finally have full access to the computer anytime of day starting August 25th!

For those of you who'd rather shop on-line, here's a couple of spots to visit for back-to-school wear (and help me pay for my darling daughter's shopping spree):

Shop Baby Phat

Shop Deré

Shop Apple Bottoms

Shop English Laundry

And for those with aspiring cheerleaders:

Shop JustForKix Today For All Dancewear And Cheerleading Gear!

Whew! I think I'll head back over to Miss Catt's place for a cool one!


Southern Plate said...

OH WOW! School in Alabama started August seventh! Maybe that will make your daughter feel better!
I will definitely check out these links! love your blog!

Happy Panda said...

Fellow Texas right here! I really do not like the no sales tax weekend. It's madness but you are right. All the moms will be out in full force! Good Luck

Mike Golch said...

Well we thought the same things whe we were her age.
I hope that you are haveing a great day today! Hugs and God's Love nad Blessigs to you and your Family. Mike G. said that(It's an A.A.thing of mine)

Lynne said...

My 12 year old & I took advantage of the no tax weekend today by hitting the mall. It wasn't quite as crazy as I thought it would be and I was surprised that some of the kids favorite stores weren't even having sales, of ANY sort. It was a little disappointing. The few stores that also had sales going on or coupons, were quite a bit more crowded.