Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ike Update

Just a quickie ... here in the Dallas area, we are unscathed. It's still raining and windy, but the only tree limbs I've seen downed have been dead branches. We have been fortunate. The eye of Ike got pushed to our east by a trough coming through our area.

I hope we hear from all our blogging friends soon ... both those who have been affected, and those who have families living in the affected area. But our blogging friends who took direct hits may not be back on-line for a while.

It looks like we will be having gorgeous weather starting Monday! Maybe Ike is taking away the summer. I still don't like Ike, but I'm glad for cooler weather.

Oh, and a word to the National Weather Bureau. Next time you issue a warning, watch the words you use! If you haven't already been told by all the English teachers across America, the word "may" in your warning combined with the word "certain" doesn't jive. Either something is certain or it isn't. If it's a matter of "maybe" then there is NO certainty. Statements issued like this make folks ignore you in the future, and that MAY not be a good thing.

Friday, September 12, 2008

I Don't Like Ike

My word, it's HUGE! Like, Texas-size huge.

"Persons not heeding evacuation orders in single family, one- or two-story homes may face certain death."

I don't think I've ever, EVER, heard such a warning. Certain death? Sheesh.

I expect wind and rain tomorrow, but at the moment, they're predicting the storm to track east of us here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. But even with 30 mph sustained wind, I can only hope my fence stays put. I should get the trash bins up against the house.

I'm also anticipating the call for volunteers to head south in the aftermath to take part in what will be a massive clean-up effort. I definitely have a closet full of gently used clothing that can be donated, at the very least.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Renee's story

Serena's story

(I'm seeking blogs posts of NY residents who have posted their personal story to link here. If you or someone you know has a "survivor" story, please leave a comment and link.)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Honeycomb Calcite ... All Dressed Up and Ready to Go

Last week I posted about the new (new to me, that is) find of honeycomb calcite. The half-barrel pendant is freshly outfitted and ready to make its debut, both on the worldwide super highway and in the local shop that sells this rock. Without any further ado:

Because I'm new to the craft of wire-wrapping in the making of my handcrafted jewelry, I used a brass craft wire instead of the more expensive 14k gold-filled wire. The faceted beads are fire-polished Czech glass roundels; the color is called "French Rose." There is a subtle copper coloring around the bead hole. Not easy to see in the photos, but it lends a depth and richness to the bead.

The chain is all handcrafted, including the jump rings. The ready-made jump rings I had in my studio were either 4mm (too small) or 6mm (too big) so I made my own 5mm out of the same wire I used for both the wire-wrapping of the pendant and the scrolling chain links. The clasp I used was a 14k gold-filled hook-and-eye which I purchased ready-made. The pictures are clickable so you can see a larger view of the detail.

The necklace measures about 23.5 inches long. It will be at Tuscan Lights in downtown Plano by the end of the week. The address is 1018 E. 15th Street.