Saturday, August 2, 2008


"An excessive heat warning is in effect for our area."

No kidding. It's so hot the silk plants are wilting.

While temps of 104F and higher may not seem like much to those living in the desert areas of California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico, at least y'all cool off in the evenings. We wake up to 85F temps at 5:00 am.

I suppose I should take the forced indoor opportunity and get some photos of my new pieces done. I'll leave y'all with a photo of one of our neighborhood friends:

Friday, August 1, 2008

I found this during my BlogHopping/Card Dropping morning session (see! I do read other peoples blogs!)

Sorta silly, not too profound, you'll be able to figure out how to answer if you want to score high, but I tried to be honest in my answers.

You Are 78% Creative

You are beyond creative. You are a true artist - even if it's not in the conventional sense of the word.

You love creating for its own sake, and you find yourself quite inspired at times.

I've always had a thing for colored pencils! Especially the creamy ones that lay down their intense color thick and smooth.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pretty Rock

"Opal Fire Agate" is what this pretty is being called. Perhaps because it looks like a merging of Peruvian Opal and Fire Agate? Whatever ... I found it exceptionally intriguing. Between the coloration and the crackling of the stone, it brings to my mind a chrysanthemum captured by stone. I used pewter, brass and just a wee bit of Swarovski crystal to bring it together into a very gorgeous piece.

I haven't listed it yet ... I plan to roll it out at an open house that I'll be showing at in August. I have only one upcoming show scheduled so I must work on getting more dates planned. Summer is very slow around here because it's just plain HOT and very little happens until the shorter days of fall give us a more bearable atmosphere. I'm always open to private home shows so if anyone is living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and would like an opportunity to receive FREE jewelry, much of it one-of-a-kind, drop me a line.

Here's a view of the entire necklace:

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Duke Bloomed

My cat's take on the favorite saying "Bloom where you're planted."

Cats settle down in the strangest places!

Some new designs are done, surprisingly so since I sit under a halogen lamp while designing. It's been climbing to 105F outside so sitting under a halogen lamp inside isn't the coolest idea I can come up with, but one's got to do what one's got to do. Pictures and listing will be forthcoming.

Yesterday I finally broke down and started to switch my favorite links over to Firefox Mozilla. I'm fed up with Internet Explorer. I'm fed up with Windows. I've heard of only headaches with Vista. My next computer will be a Mac. But for the time being, I found IE7 tangling up as I blogsurfed dropping my Entrecards, but Firefox has been a true trooper.

BTW ... for all you bloggers on whom I drop my cards, I do take time to actually LOOK and READ portions of your blogs. And I'll drop a comment in a heartbeat if I'm so moved. There's some great stuff out there, informative, beautiful, funny, inspiring ... y'all keep up the good work!