Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Guess it's the computer ...

I see the widget just fine on my laptop.

It's my desktop that the widget does not show. I wonder if it's the Verizon security. My FIOS service gives me all the typical internet security at a reduced fee which I use on the desktop, but not the laptop. I opted for the service after the desktop crashed, which wasn't too long ago. So now I need to troubleshoot the incompatibility between the widget and the security software.

I'm going to have a massive headache.

Something broke my Entrecard Widget

And it wasn't me! For some bizarre reason, the widget is not showing even though it is there in the layout. I don't have a clue. Entrecard doesn't have a clue. If someone does have a clue, I would be grateful for a fix!

This is the code:

< script id="ecard_widget" src="" type="text/javascript" >< /script >

Without the space after the < and before the >, which I had to insert to show the code.