Saturday, February 2, 2008

Who'd have thought!

YouTube has everything!

I was turned onto this (do yourself a HUGE favor and click!) a while back. The world has some amazing things and some of that amazement is viewable on YouTube. But I assumed most of what's there would be junk.

And maybe most of it is junk. But my 13-year old daughter who is studying the flute at school has found accompaniment music she can play to ... and not just simple pieces, but the technically laden classical stuff.

I feel like a ....

This adorable pattern is available on Etsy at crochetpattern's shop.

Friday, February 1, 2008

I met with a very delightful woman the other day who I had contact with on Etsy. It always amazes me the connections one makes on this wonderfully wild thing we call the Web!

Barbara is an Etsy member who is helping to organize Plano's Blackland Prairie Festival. At first I wasn't sure if my jewelry craft would be an appropriate fit. They are calling for period crafts for the years between 1880-1920. However, I started thinking about jewelry back in those days and that was the period when costume jewelry started to take off and become accessible to the average woman.

Barbara suggested that I work up a 20 minute presentation about jewelry of the era. Agreeing to participate in this way means a reduced vendor fee for me. It sounds like a lot of fun!

I'm not afraid of public speaking. While I have the butterflies in my tummy as all "performers" do, other areas of my life has me speaking, even if only for short periods, in front of a crowd. So I'm used to talking to a group. I wonder, however, if anyone would be interested in what I have to say?

No matter, I'm going to spend a good deal of time researching jewelry of the era, and of the area. Plano does have some good historic pictorial information. If nothing else, I'll gain a higher level of understanding of my craft. Perhaps that can even help me sell a few more pieces!

I'll post any interesting findings as they come.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Some things just take my breath away ...

Such as this gorgeous painting on silk done by MysticSilk:

Check out her Etsy Shop and see a variety of beautiful silk things. There's a scarf that is a particular favorite of mine!

Another Etsy artist who does absolutely beautiful work is Nina Jackson of Beads in the Belfry! Her wire work is stunning! And the prices are incredible. A particular favorite of mine:

As for me, I am working hard at Spring. And I am finding things in my own space that are taking my breath away ... certain color combinations along with various textures. I'm working with pearls and coral at the moment. No pictures yet, but hopefully by next week.

Etsy has a new feature added to their "Pounce" tool which makes newbies like me, who haven't sold a thing as of yet, very grateful. Smart move on Etsy's part too. It motivates those of us who haven't sold anything to list more items. More listings mean more money to Etsy. And hopefully a sale that means more money for Etsy. More money to Etsy means more tools for their users. That is a good thing!

Time to empty my camera of the pictures of our dog and start shooting some jewelry!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Damp, chilly, foggy Sunday

I'm looking out my family room window ... can't see 1/4 ahead! Texas has some interesting winters.

In perusing my social networks, I happened upon this blog ... City Mouse / Country House. Check it out! When I looking at damp, chilly and fogging, it's nice to be swept away to a place I have never been before! I'm looking foward to following City Mouse's advertures!

I worked on a bit of Spring yesterday, but no photos taken yet. Too much fun bouncing around Flickr!

Fell in love with these this morning:

You can find them here. They are from