Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Some things just take my breath away ...

Such as this gorgeous painting on silk done by MysticSilk:

Check out her Etsy Shop and see a variety of beautiful silk things. There's a scarf that is a particular favorite of mine!

Another Etsy artist who does absolutely beautiful work is Nina Jackson of Beads in the Belfry! Her wire work is stunning! And the prices are incredible. A particular favorite of mine:

As for me, I am working hard at Spring. And I am finding things in my own space that are taking my breath away ... certain color combinations along with various textures. I'm working with pearls and coral at the moment. No pictures yet, but hopefully by next week.

Etsy has a new feature added to their "Pounce" tool which makes newbies like me, who haven't sold a thing as of yet, very grateful. Smart move on Etsy's part too. It motivates those of us who haven't sold anything to list more items. More listings mean more money to Etsy. And hopefully a sale that means more money for Etsy. More money to Etsy means more tools for their users. That is a good thing!

Time to empty my camera of the pictures of our dog and start shooting some jewelry!


Callista said...

that basket necklace is so pretty i love it!

oliverlane said...

Yeah, that basket necklace is so cool...I have one that's a nest but the basket is a fresh take on it! (hearting)

Leah said...

Great etsy finds! good luck with your shop!

Jodie said...

Saw your post on craftster and I'd love to swap links with you. My blog is http://prettylittleloveobjects.blogspot.com

I'll be sure to link to your blog as soon as I get home.