Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Case of the Yucks?

Over the weekend, whilst dropping my card on some fellows of Entrecard, I read several posts about bloggers feeling the Yuck. I wondered the possibly of actual viruses, the biological sort, traveling over the net and infecting people through their keyboards. I know that sounds ridiculous, but now I'm feeling the same!

Yuck! I hate gastrointestinal viruses. But I'm on the mend. I'm still feeling shaky on my feet, but the fever is gone and hopefully for good.

My feature today:

Pyrite and Crystal Byzantine Chainmaille Choker, available here at my Etsy Shop. And again, if you read this and decide to purchase, put in the code DHBlog in a message to seller and you'll get a 10% discount refunded through PayPal. Convo me if you have any questions.

I must warn any potential buyer that this choker is a tad heavy. There's a lot of stone and metal in it, so if you have any neck problems, this choker isn't for you. But if your neck is healthy and strong, this stunner will get a lot of compliments!

The pyrite teardrop beads are exceptional with lots of gold-toned flecks gleaming on the polished surface. The chainmaille is the Byzantine weave made with oxidized silver-colored rings. The black diamond crystals give the piece just the right amount of bling. Click on the photo to get a larger view of the detail.

I really need to get some more items listed in my Etsy Shop! I just noticed it's a bit thin. Maybe I'll have a chance to get my newer items photoed and listed today ... after I've completed my card-making project. I have a friend who is launching her Arbonne business at a home showing this Friday at my house. I hope I feel 100% by tomorrow so I can get things situated.


Beaderjojo said...

I hope you are feeling better soon!
Lots of tea and vitamin C!
Take care.

Taher said...

Brilliant news....And thanks a lot for the comment in my post.Added u already...Keep visiting my blog and do post a comment in other articles u read...

Patricia Rockwell said...

Well, I have been reading all those posts from all those yucky feelers too, and knock on wood, I am still fine.

Hope you feel better, but I would suspect an airborne virus over a computer one.