Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Contemplating ... shoes?

Contemplating ... shoes?
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I'm a fortunate woman! I took a few moments a long while ago and realized I am surrounded by some really good-looking men! And they are all related to me ... very closely related. Who needs a poster of the latest "It Boy" when I have real-life versions all around me?

Here you see my middle son and my oldest grandson. Even in profiles, I think y'all can see they are quite handsome.

Looks are only skin deep. But as I said, I am a fortunate woman. The good-looking men of my life also have gold hearts, quick wit, easy smiles and hearty laughs.

Artist type folks tend to see the beauty that surrounds their lives. Everyone has an artistic streak ... find it and give it some tender loving care! Then you'll see your world with new eyes and find some beauty every where you turn.

One of my "Every Swiggle" buddies knows this. Check out Michabella's blog and you'll see a picture of something very beautiful in her life! Chloe is beautiful! Look at those pretty pink cheeks, they are so kissable. And check out Michabella's beautiful jewelry while you're at it!

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