Friday, March 7, 2008

Amazonite Eggs

Amazonite on Champagne
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This is one of my favorites of all the photos I've taken of my product. The birds seem perplexed. How did they get all those eggs? And what are those funny champagned-colored things littering the nest?

I feel the need for Spring. Actually, I feel the need for consistent weather. It's been a roller coaster here in north central Texas. We were up to 80 degrees less than a week ago. This week, two days of snow/sleet/ice and chilly weather.

My daughter was so hopeful for either a day off from school, or at least a delayed opening. Not this district! They are hardy folks.

I don't mind cold and snow. I grew up in Montana so I'm very familiar with cold and snow. But 50 degree shifts in temperature in a 24-hour period is a little crazy.

At least I have Spring in my studio. I'm working on ID laynards today. Oh, and if you want to see what this necklace looks like when it's displayed more like a necklace, it's in my Etsy shop here.


Dancing Monkey Jewelry said...

A great photograph of a lovely necklace.

Bridget said...

great photo !!

Stacie said...

Fantastic photo ;-)

AlwaysAmy said...

I love this picture. Nicely done. :)