Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sometime you just feel like ....

Model good behavior, ignore the bad.

That’s a saying a good friend of mine uses for keeping the level of exasperation down several notches when she sees behavior she doesn’t like.

I try to practice the adage as much as possible. Like today, for instance. On Etsy, on the “Site Help” forum, a newbie who is obviously a refugee from a HUGE on-line auction site posted a thread asking some questions. These questions were phrased in such a way you could tell right away the poster was fresh from the other site. The answers were given in a kind, knowledgeable manner by several of the denizens who’ve been around both selling venues. All I could do was offer my welcome, which I did.

I was holding my breath for a nasty comment to come along. I did not pass out because it didn't take long. Fortunately, usually, the nasties are very few and far between. But man, did I want to virtually slap someone into the next browser!

That’s when my friend’s saying popped into my mind. I'm off to do some ironing ... here's a sweet photo to leave you with:

That's our Snickers modelling a lovely necklace my daughter made.


Harrach Glass Beads said...

Hilary, your cat and necklace picture is too cute! Cats are such princesses.

Bridget said...

I try to steer clear of the negativity in forums too. I love your friends quote. thanks for sharing.