Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Whoo Hoo!

You can teach an old dog new tricks! Check out my 125 x 125 ad that a lovely and talented Etsy artist made for me. Callista ... you're the best!

But it's one thing to have a beautiful spot ad to spread around the web, it's something else to actually get it to work right. All that beautiful art won't do anything if the correct html gobblety-gook isn't used so folks can click and go where you want. That's where the old dog needed to learn a new trick. Part of the work is already done by the Photobucket people. But their coding just brought the user back to my Photobucket page. I needed to figure out how to link to my Etsy shop.

I was confronted with two referrals, but I was able to figure out the right one to change.

Yeah, I know, y'all who've been doing this stuff for awhile are probably rolling your eyes, but give an old gal a break. I started in on the computer scene when CPM was the industry standard. I left the computer scene when the Intel 480 stopped frying eggs and was being used in business offices. That makes me a fossil in terms of computing.

Anybody ever heard of dBase?