Sunday, July 13, 2008


For the past several months, I've been engaged in exploring the various network marketing groups in my area. Because I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area, I have a number of groups from which to choose. Because I am a jewelry designer, I focused on those that cater to women. Most I have found in a nice little site called MeetUp.

I have expanded my business horizons since joining various groups. Some have worked very well for me, some have not. But even those that haven't worked out for me because of various reasons still helped me grow as a business woman. I have met a large variety of women engaged in a wide variety of businesses, some of which offer services that I can benefit from.

The starring jewel of my finds has been Sharon Schierling, a life/business coach who is smart and wise and caring and giving. She offers a variety of services and I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a different perspective on life and/or work. In addition to being a certified life coach, she also has an MBA and a lot of experience both in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur. Visit her website, Refined Perspectives to learn more about her. And by exploring her site, you'll learn more about yourself.

While on the idea of refined, and to post the obligatory picture, here's a piece I designed a while ago that is one of my favorites and it's still in my case:

The pale pastel mother of pearl coin beads are joined to gold mobius knots made from 14k gold-fill rings I made myself. It's available on

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Annette Piper said...

Hey Hilary! I know how you feel. All that networking sometimes doesn't leave any time to create! But it IS fun and you DO meet some of the nicest people :)