Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Interesting Tidbits

Firstly, Lynne Davies has an excellent blog every indie artisan/crafter would do well in spending some time reading. Clear, concise writing style elevates this one above the swirling masses. Great tips are provided on improving one's site/Etsy shop that are practicle and easy to implement.

Secondly, have y'all heard about the DeBeers class actions lawsuit? If not, get educated on it. Find your receipts and get your reward! We bought a beautiful ring last year, but did not keep the receipt. No matter, the ring was purchased at nearly 50% off so we'd probably be excluded.

"The bottom line is that consumers paid more than they should have for their diamonds." Thank you! I've been harping on this for a while now. To anyone who would listen, but my audience was never of any significant size.

Paint me as a simpleton, but my understanding is that scarcity of a bauble is what commands high prices. Diamonds are not scarce. They are abundant. Very abundant. Even excluding the industrial grade and focusing on the stones that have the coveted color, carat and clarity, they are abundant.

Larimar, on the other hand, is very rare. While pectolite is a common mineral found everywhere on our planet, there is only one little spot, and globally speaking we're talking microscopic spot, on our planet where it comes from the ground in the amazingly beautiful color of the Caribbean sky.

I was able to score some last year in Tucson (now why did I have to remind myself how depressed I am that I am not there AT THIS MOMENT!). Here's a piece I made with this pretty blue rock:

You can find this piece here ... at a fair price(!) ... in my Etsy shop.

Hope everyone who is deserving gets their piece of economic justice from the diamond king! If you do, would you mind spending it on the offerings of an independent artisan? We are everywhere.

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