Sunday, February 3, 2008

I love Sundays

They are such relaxing days, even though they may be full of things to do.

I got up early this morning, checked the e-mail, uploaded pictures to my Flickr, joined new groups, sent pictures to group pools, joined the hubby and our buddy Nino on a walk to our local grocery store for needed groceries, made a nourishing breakfast of lowfat plain yogurt and blueberries, poached eggs and whole wheat English Muffin.

I think the walk did me good! Feeling younger, more energetic. I'm spending too much time either glued to this monitor or sitting at my work table. Must get the blood flowing again! I may even think about getting back into 5K shape. Lose a few dress sizes.

Here's our bud:

Yeah, he's a Pit Bull, the much-maligned breed of the domesticated canine. They are NOT bad dogs. High maintenance, definitely. Intelligent, playful, energetic, loyal, tenacious.

I met a new friend from Etsy because I joined a Flickr group devoted to red-nosed Pits. She's a fellow devotee to this amazing breed and does beautiful feltwork. Check out her Etsy shop. I've got my eye on this listing (here's the photo):

Nino's coloring is more fawn than cinnamon, but he's got all the rest of the traits of "The Old Family." At her suggestion, I've joined a great forum of like-minded appreciators of these great friends.

Please do not judge our dogs based on the bad rap Pits are getting in the press. Often the breed responsible for any particular attack being reported isn't even a Pit Bull. Story writers just grab the breed name and use it as a label. That's just wrong.

I'm thankful that my little Texas town understands the integrity of our Pits. If you are in want of a dog, please contact your local animal shelter and rescue a Pit. You won't regret it!

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