Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm looking forward to Plano's Blackland Prairie Festival coming up this May. Because of the specific period featured in this festival ... 1880 through the 1920's ... I've been looking around at jewelry designs from that era. It's a broad span of time for fashion. Bustles were still being worn in the 1880's, but no longer in vogue in the 1890's. Of course, we all know of the "flapper" era of the boisterous 1920's. Jewelry had a range of styles too.

I'm showing images of the work-in-process of a vintage-inspired necklace I am making as part of a "heritage" line I'm developing to coincide with the festival. This particular piece is a festoon of white freshwater pearls wire-wrapped together for security. The pretty filigree clasp is meant to be worn in front. Click on the photos to see the full-sized, high definition versions.

I still need to get myself to our local library to study photos of the residents of our community during that time period. I doubt the average woman frosted herself with jewelry on a daily basis. Life on the prairie was not a life of luxury. The post-industrial revolution era meant work was becoming easier for the average housewife, but not a life of luxury. Still, they had their moments. They loved gathering together dressed in their finest for Sunday meetings, teas and gatherings organized to promote charitable endeavors.

There was a real sense of community back in that time. I often wish I was born back then. While I enjoy my shower and flushing toilet, I believe all our industrialization took a lot away from us, individually and as communities. Of course, my bi-racial marriage would be extraordinary back in that time, even despised and we wouldn't be welcomed everywhere ... hardly anywhere for that matter. So it's a good thing to be alive now!

If only we could take the manners and graciousness of a time-gone era and marry it to the acceptance we have today. Bring back the covered porches, encourage the bicycle as the primary source of transportation for daily life. Make and take every opportunity to know our neighbor.

A gal can dream! If you find yourself around these parts in the middle of May, please stop by to visit the Festival! If you're an artisan in the area, by all means contact the organization! Sharon Lloyd is the president and a very lovely, gracious lady.

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kathy b. smashing said...

this looks like a great festival idea!
i love your thoughts about the past too