Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This past weekend’s trip to west Texas was a success. I was only $5 shy of my goal of $500 so I can’t complain! The weather was gorgeous … chilly but sunny and clear. I love the adobe structures of the southwest along with the colors, patterns and designs. It’s a very pleasant place to visit.

We stayed with my friend’s sister so a huge THANKS for MK! I did have an opportunity to fix a good meal for her, and about 10 of her family and friends! Hope they all enjoyed the good, the wine and the company. I certainly enjoyed myself.

Almost all of the chunky items sold. I’m glad I have a picture of one below. That one along with a companion piece was among the first to go. I came home several pounds lighter! ;D

I did several other pieces that, while not exactly chunky, are bulky enough they would translate into chunky, but they didn’t sell. One particular piece I was happy to bring home because I did not have time to photograph the thing before leaving. Now I get to sell it directly, which always gives me more pleasure than selling to retailers.

I love cluster pieces … and this one was inspired by a beautifully feminine garment designed by Michael Kors and advertised in February’s InStyle magazine. Over 300 freshwater pearls each individually wrapped onto a sterling silver chain. My right hand cramped two days later and the cramps lasted for days! But a beautiful piece is worth the pain! The lavender and warm green will go with so many of the offerings for Spring of ’08! And the earrings are fun.

I need to find one of my books on costume jewelry. There’s an interesting history of costume jewelry tied with the economy of the times of its birth I think will inspire all my fellow artisan jewelry designers and crafters! If not inspire, at least provide a measure of assurance that we will still be around for a very long time. Next post ….

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