Friday, January 11, 2008

Chunky Do

There is never enough time! I have my first show of the year next Friday, and the next day my buddy Marcia and I are off to west Texas to show our Spring designs to a boutique owner who has purchased from us in the past.

I'm told to do chunky. I really don't do chunky. I don't wear chunky and most things I sell direct to the public are not chunky ... chunky is usually left behind on the busts. But I know there are lots of folks out there who like and wear chunky.

Thus the dilemma ... how does a designer balance his/her own sensibilities to those of the buyer/public? I often said in the past that I don't allow others to dictate my art, but then, I also want to make sales! I suppose this is just one of those things one lets intuition have the sway in the internal argument. There's a balance to all things. One just has to find it!

So I was perusing a fashion rag that had a snap shot of the runway shows held last September for the '08 Spring ready-to-wear season. Lots of neutrals, black & white, sprinkled with outrageously fun florals, metallic pastels, shears of both muted and wild colors, and some lovely retro.

I have found to be an invaluable tool. There's a toolbar taking you to the various seasons with all the collections. Takes hours and hours to get through them all!

When I sat at my work bench the other day, I pulled together items that could translate to chunky. Getting some inspiration from part of the collections from Oscar de la Renta and Diane Von Furstenberg, I hope I've captured some seriously stylish chunky!

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Melissa said...

As a creative person, it is difficult to compromise, but practicality must also come into a business. I agree design some for the money and some for your soul. If they want chunky, give them what they want with your personal flair and have the things you love to do ready to show, also. The best of luck to you, Hilary.

katydiddy said...

Thanks for the great tips & your interest in my ezine!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I am a very earthy, natural stone kind of gal but I live in the gold and diamond zone of New Jersey, so I started with a couple of pearl necklaces for my neighbors. I added a little of my own zing, I didn't think that I could make things that weren't "me". I did and they loved them. I looked at my shop today and it hit me...Where's the earthy stuff?
Trying to keep up with trends, can be frustrating and impossible. I think that I just need to balance my tastes with the public's a little more. Thanks Hilary-Great topic!