Sunday, January 13, 2008

Marketing, marketing, marketing ...

... whew! I never realized how hard marketing for on-line success can be! It's no way near "if you post it, it will sell" sort of thing on today's World Wide Web.

Since starting my Etsy store, I have learned so much. But that learning comes at a precious price ... TIME! I find myself spending hours and hours networking and linking and chatting. I was late picking my daughter up from school this past Friday because I lost track of time.

On one of my favorite network sites ... ... one of the members has posted a thread on the forums about what goals we are setting. I've come up with a good one:

I shall write up a time budget!

After that, I'll set an on-going goal to stick to my budget!


Bejeweled said...

Hi there! Visiting from the etsy forums :)

Wouldn't it be nice if the "if you post it, they will come" did work :)

The endless self-promotion does get tiring sometimes, but I for one, have met some fabulous people and made some wonderful new friends :) said...

The self-promoting has been the MOST difficult part for me!

But as Bejeweled said, I too have met some really creative and inspiring people through Etsy and DSMs.

I'll make sure to check out the forum you noted.