Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Creative Bloggers

I belong to this wonderful group of creative bloggers on the Ning network. Each week we focus on one blog, make a comment if so moved, and feature the blog of the week in our blogs. We give each other linky-love and SEO juice.

This week's blog is beautiful! Marie-Michele is a very talented jewelry artist and she writes in her native language of French. Fortunately for the English-only reading world, she translates Mademoiselle M for us.

Her latest post is featuring another blogger and I suggest you follow the link because you'll be in for another treat! I had to leave a comment expressing my thanks ... the comment box was in French, but I think I recalled enough of my high-school study of the language (decades ago) to put the appropriate information in the data boxes.

Finding these beautiful gems on the world wide net is a delightful spending of a few of today's moments.


Anonymous said...

I agree, I was one of the last ones to join and it's been fun to discover everyone's blog and work -- a new one week after week. Teri

Anonymous said...

Thanks for featuring me! I just changed my blog to be in English... it will be easier for my readers, who are mostly English-speaking! Anyways, us Quebec-ers are used to read English everywhere! ;)