Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm ba-aaaack!

And it took the "swine flu" to do it!

One of my community's middle school has been closed due to one confirmed case of the new flu outbreak. One. The whole school closed for one. According to all the science stuff available, this is not a particularly deadly strain of flu. The seasonal flu that is making the rounds is supposed to be worse. So why don't schools close every time someone has the flu? Any flu????

Would some one PLEASE! ... tell me the reasoning behind this!

Other news: the house is almost done. I'll post pictures soon. New jewelry has been made. I'll be taking pictures soon. So much I need to do ... soon.

I'm holding my breath that my daughter's school doesn't close. Someone was sent home with a high fever today so I'm probably holding my breath in vain!


Jenn said...

glad you're back! I was wonderng when you'd be back.

Audrey said...

It is crazy isn't it? The media has worked so many people into a frenzy over the flu? Good grief! It is quite annoying, and you are right - if they close the school for this - they should close it for every flu bug that comes around.

Anonymous said...

The problem with this flu is that it's a completely new strain. The regular flu is usually a mutated version of flus we've all had before. The danger with the swine flu is that none of us have previous immunity to any version of it. So, anyone with a compromised immune system or a weak one has a higher potential of death. It's very important not to spread it around. Hope that helps explain it a little!

Designing Hilary said...

@Anonymous ... I completely understand that and I'm all about people staying HOME when they are ill. And people with compromised immune systems and other health problems which could make the flu a killer for them need to take extra precautions. I have a dear friend from my congregation who is in this category and I haven't seen her since the outbreak, which I think is wise.

As a family, we have a policy when one is ill with fever, that one stays home.

I know this was a really tough judgment call for school administrators, but schools do not exist in a vacuum and the implications of a mass closure of entire large districts without consideration for the social and economic impact these closures have on the community is illogical.

Here in the Dallas area, they were closing schools even after it was determined the ones who caught this bug were recovering quickly with no complications at home, no hospitalization required.

I am grateful the CDC changed their recommendations before the cases at my daughter's school became confirmed. One of the students was in her science class ... but I've no information whether it is this particular flu bug. Today is Day 5, two more and we'll be home free. But if my daughter comes down with a fever, I can assure you, she will stay home.