Sunday, November 2, 2008

What on Earth??

Or should I say: "What in Earth?"

Image is from the US Geological Survey agency.

Earthquakes in the Dallas area. Eight of them! The biggest was a puny 3.0 so on the scale, it's barely a blip ... although a lot of folks in the areas around the airport felt them and were talking about them. I live in Plano, too far away, so my world didn't seem to move at all. Unlike the years I lived in southern California. During those years, my world moved a lot. In fact, it was two back-to-back earthquakes in 1992 ... Landers and Big Bear ... that made us decide to pack up and get out of there. (To be honest, the earthquakes wouldn't have been nearly enough to cause us to make a huge changed in the lives of our boys, but these earthquakes followed on the heels of the Rodney King verdict riots.)

There's not a whole lot of information regarding intercontinental earthquakes, except for those occurring in the large river valleys ... Mississippi, Ohio, Wabash, etc ... so I can't find any answers as to what, exactly, caused the rumbling in our Mid-Cities area. But it is certainly weird. And eight of them ... not aftershocks, 8 individual quakes. So I'm really, really curious to know what is going on under our feet!

I've received some tags and awards so I'd like to extend my gratitude to my blogging friends. The award was the one bestowed on me earlier, but I want to thank the two lovely ladies who though enough of me to nominate me again:

Leet: She's a wonderful artist. Really! To prove it, check out her gallery. This is one of my favorite blogs, I make sure to check in every time I sit to blog surf.

Cheryl: I love her blog ... it's all about card making and scrapbooking utilizing Stampin' Up, The Angel Company and Studio G products. Card making is one of my hobbies, and in fact, I use some of the items in my business such as packaging and thank you cards. I enjoy seeing the work of others, and Cheryl's work is beautiful. This is another favorite blog of mine I check on every time I surf.

I've been tagged twice:
Glitzy Gallery Gals and Silver Canyons... both fellow Etsians who make lovely handcrafted jewelry. I always feel honored to promote other jewelry artists. While it may seem to the rest of the world that we are competitors, and I suppose we really are when you look at it from a purely business standpoint, the fact is that we are first and foremost artists. Our styles are unique and there's a huge world out there with billions of differences in regards to taste and preference. It's a big enough world for all of us!

The tag is to list 7 little known facts about myself ... but that would kill off 7 future blog posts! But the first fact can be discerned from the beginning of this post. I am an armchair scientist (and I believe there is a Creator). And geology is one of my favorite subjects which explains my love affair with rocks. Being fascinated by earthquakes and volcanoes is just an extension on the scale of macro.

Skwiggazine Featured Artist
It's Sunday! My time for participation in this wonderful blog love exchange. This week we're focusing on Michelle Harvey of Michabella Creations. Be sure to check out her "Shop for a Cure" post. While October is over, cancer of all sorts is something which we should all be consistently aware.

I hope every single one of my readers has a fabulous time this upcoming week!


Ellen said...

Wasn't that wild about the earthquake. I don't live too far from you. I hope they stay over in Irving and Grand Prairie and not move north. BTW, your jewelry is gorgeous!!!!

Lynne said...

The earthquake was somewhat entertaining when listening to people's reactions to it. We also lived in southern California and experienced everything from mild to major quakes. It's interesting to see the differences in reactions from those that live in an area like CA, versus those that live in a place like N. Texas where quakes are extremely rare.

LoneStarVintageClothing said...

I live in Houston and wonder if there are faults going through this area. That's so crazy!

Laurie B. said...

Oh YES we had an earthquake here last year in Central IL. It started at the New Madrid fault but the plaster rattled on our circa 1880 farmhouse, and the dog and I ran outside....I've never felt such an odd thing. Needless to say, I now have earthquake insurance! It did ruin some foundations in Mattoon, IL which is about 50 minutes from here so I thought it was prudent! Even though the quakes ARE rare for you folks, they can still happen. The estimate that the New Madrid fault is due for "the big one" any day now....shake, rattle and roll! With gratitude, Laurie B.

Designing Hilary said...

Laurie ... I know Mattoon! My in-laws used to live in Charleston. My FIL was Dean of Men Students at EUI.

LoneStar ... There are no known faults in most of Texas area like there are in California and throughout the mountainous regions, although there are faults in the western part of the state, which happens to be mountainous. I think Houston is safe from earthquakes. Y'all have enough on your plates worrying about hurricanes!

Ellen ... thank you!!

Lynne ... you lived in So Calif too? We need to get together for lunch some day!