Sunday, October 26, 2008

Featured Artist

Artist and Blogger of the Week for Skwiggazine is Lily Wray of Tulip's Treasure Box. Click the link and check her out.

I've been laying low this weekend ... I had a networking event Friday afternoon to early evening and it sorta wipe me out! I made some nice sales, though, and treated the hubby to dinner at the restaurant where the event was held. The earrings below went to someone who won my gift certificate. Another pair is still available so I didn't take the Etsy listing down.

Now I gotta go and do the Entrecard surf thing.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the spot on your blog.


Rayne said...

I'm tuckered-out just reading about your day. lol That was nice to treat the husband. :)

I'm glad you did well!


Rayne (Thoughts)

simplyjacy said...

thanks for the drop.
at least for a busy woman like you, you still manage to drop some love.
take care!

cherscrap23 said...

You are so sweet to remember to drop and comment too! Thanks so much, and make sure you check out my blog, you have an award waiting for you!

Rayne said...

Exactly! and that's part of why I'm not a business, yet. Until I can afford the style I want to represent I can not be a business.