Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm so confused!

"A person who is acting out self destructively has no reason to change if they do not ever suffer major consequences for their behavior. If they are rescued from consequences, they are enabled to continue practicing their addiction."

The government needs to spend 6 months in a Tough Love group.

So, if I understand it, all those folks in those white buildings in DC are planning to write a 700 billion dollar check to bail out banks/businesses that made really bad decisions/choices about extending credit causing them to be on the verge of collapse so that they will extend more credit to consumers and businesses. Do I have that right?

If so ... I am so sorry. I'm still confused. Wouldn't it make more sense for the government to directly loan responsible consumers and businesses the money to keep the economy afloat, earn revenue on the interest and let the shipwrecks sink?

Needless to say, I'm no economist and it's been more than enough decades since I sat in a lecture hall for economics and finance that were core requirements for the degree I was working on. But something tells me the same can be said for all those folks in those white buildings in DC.

Well, so I've a feeling I'll be confused for a long, long time.

At least I have my craft. It doesn't confuse me. I love working with rings, weaving them into patterns and links. One of my favorite is this "mobius" weave, based on the never-ending circle.

And no, this is not an attempt at heavy-handed metaphor.

I just love that line the Wilberforce character says to the Pitt the Younger character in Amazing Grace.

Fall is here and it's time to put this handcrafted necklace of blue and brass out for the world to see.

It has earrings too. The stone is a blue onyx. I'd love to know how they dye rock, since it didn't come out of the ground this color. It's an amazing color and I think it's perfect with brassy metals.

I haven't come up with a price yet. I'm taking the advice of all those who responded to my earlier post about pricing. The majority said "raise them!" and that is the same advice I received when I posed the problem to my mastermind group I attend here locally. So we shall see.

But for all my readers, any time you purchase from me, whether on Etsy or directly from me, please give me the code DHBlog and you will receive a 15% discount AND free shipping.


Michelle Gartner said...

I think that it would be better to bail out the individual families that are having a hard time and not the big corporations... I have heard in the news of people having a hard time going to work because the cost of gas.

BTW - the blue and brass necklace is fabulous!!!

Zen Ventures said...

Wow that bracelet is just so pretty. I love the blue colored globes! Lately, I have been getting entranced with chainmaille creations! So simple material and yet so intricate work. Great design!


Lidian said...

Blue and silver are so beautiful together - those are lovely!

Nairobian said...

the quote at the beginning of your article really captures your sentiment.sometimes trying to salvage entities that make poor decisions can be disastrous!

Larry Brauner said...

The flawed government approach that brought on this disaster, favoring the elite and giving them carte blanche to conduct business without constraint, is behind this bailout.

As you say in your post, it seems that they would be better off helping responsible people and businesses, but that would not favor the elite.

Helping regular people is not the government's agenda, and we the voters must supply the necessary "tough love" you recommend.

Shinade said...

I too am also confused. But, I have felt for sometime that the US was headed for some really hard times!!

I hope all of the powers that be that have gotten rich off of us working class people get what they deserve.

I do believe that what goes around comes around. Sometimes we just have to wait until the time comes.

I will be waiting to see some of these CEO's and some of our leaders face a judge and jury.

Gorgeous jewelry!!:-))))

Pam Hoffman said...

There is a pretty good reason for the confusion and most of us don't have it right.

My friend Jeff (with degrees in economics & business!) found this very informative video:

if the link breaks, just patch it all together and you'll get there.

Jeff says that everything he heard seems correct to him, he just never heard it in this particular manner.

The government finds others to do jobs it needs done. If there were no incentives to create business for example, who would do it? When business people create a business, they hire people and stimulate the economy.

It's about the same with banking. Unfortunately, the banks went too far in one direction and were giving folks without resources loans just to give loans. That is revealed here:
sorry the link is so long.

I think this video and audio should be 'required' by everyone to understand a little better what is happening and why.

I hope you get a lot out of them both!

Pam Hoffman

Anna said...

I think it would be better to work with the people and businesses than to bail out those conglomerates Freddie and Fannie. Those two companies in particular were allowed to run amuck without consequence for far too long and now we're footing the bill to bail them out.

As for the jewelry...GORGEOUS! And yes, you should charge more!

Brad Hart @ A DoFollow Blog said...

The problem with letting these huge mega banks fail is how many oversees investors with US operations will fail both in the states and in their own country. I know to some this seems like a good thing because they aren't US companies, but at least one US company would fail in short order, Walmart.

There are those who don't like walmart, and I am one of them. That said I certainly don't want the largest private employer in the US, the largest user of professional services, and the only sizable retailer in many communities to fail. If these banks and investment houses fail taking walmart with it, all the money we give to everyone else will account for squat...

Leah said...

the bailout confuses me too. it seems like there has to be a better way, but...hopefully the people advising our government know what they are doing....(?)

Rachel said...

I love the chain on those pieces!

Yeah -- I don't understand the hold-up with things right now; of all times to be partisan -- it would seem like getting things FIXED would be more important!

Silver Canyons said...

love the mobius weave and I love the oxidized look against the blue beads!

Mik said...

That bracelet and earrings is just superb, wife would love those.