Sunday, August 31, 2008

Run! Don't Walk ...

... to Corrine's Daydream Art Studios and take a look at the fun one can have with spray paint! I mean need to "borrow" some ideas!

And to all those in the path of Gustav ... please RUN!

I'll be working on a special post of link-love to all those who have commented on my blog during the month of August. I'll get it posted tomorrow. It may not be fancy (I doubt I'll be nabbing all the graphics) but I really want to show my deep appreciation to everyone who took time to read and comment and what is better for a blogger than a BACKLINK?

After tomorrow, I plan to make this a weekly exercise. And I'll be sure to recognize the top Entrecard droppers too, shortly. Y'all have been so generous and kind! Also to all who have advertised ... I need to find if there's a history of advertisers somewhere in the Entrecard website.

1 comment:

Daily Blissings said...

I love your enthusiasm! It jumps off the page and into my clicking finger, so yes, I RAN to find out what one can do with spray paint!

Thanks for sharing your light!